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Furniture Continues to Green the Planet

January 16, 2017
Harden Furniture  was recently featured in an article by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette focusing on how furniture is saving the planet...by "greening" its production processes.

Greg Harden, President & CEO, was interviewed by the paper and discussed topics of truly being eco-friendly as well as the importance of consumer support in promoting those products. "In the long run, it comes down to what individuals decide to do," said Harden. Harden Furniture is one of the founding members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council® (SFC).

You can read the article in its entirety on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's website.


NY Power Authority and others visit Harden Furniture:
Recharge NY helps area business, see highlights of the Press Conference.

HBO "Toxic Hot Seat"

documentary on November 25th highlighting the toxic compounds that have been included in urethane foams for the past 40 years.
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Harden Furniture and Robert Mulder win Pinnacle Award!!!

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Harden Furniture posts video of its manufacturing process
Thomas Russell -- Furniture Today, September 26, 2013

MCCONNELLSVILLE, N.Y. — High-end case goods and upholstery manufacturer Harden Furniture has released a short documentary that helps illustrate its vertically integrated manufacturing process.

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Harden to launch Mount Vernon-based collection in the fall

Jay McIntosh -- Furniture Today, April 3, 2013
MCCONNELLSVILLE, N.Y. — High-end manufacturer Harden Furniture says it will introduce a Mount Vernon collection this fall, a licensed line that will bring together the home of the nation's first president and its oldest furniture producer.
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Harden Furniture Co. to invest in Future
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Made in CNY: Harden Furniture used by the White House

The residents were specific — they needed a table long enough to seat more than a dozen budget negotiators, elegant enough for heads of state to put their elbows on, and narrow enough to fit through the small doorways of a 220-year-old building.

Oh, and can you make it in pieces so we can easily move it?

Harden Furniture came up with just such a piece for the residents of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C.

The 16-foot-long black cherry conference table designed for the Roosevelt Room is the latest piece the McConnellsville furniture maker has crafted for the White House, said owner Greg Harden.

“It was a great project,” he said.

Harden Furniture beat out other bidders to create the table, which has specially designed feet to meet the narrowness of the room and comes in pieces that can be easily moved out of the room when it’s needed for reception space, Harden said.

The table was installed in the Roosevelt Room in February 2011.

The Roosevelt Room was built in 1902 as President Theodore Roosevelt’s office during his expansion of the White House. The windowless space became a part of two waiting rooms when the Oval Office was built.

President Franklin Roosevelt relocated the Oval Office when he was president, and he used the space to display an aquarium and fishing mementos. FDR called it the Fish Room.

President Richard Nixon renamed the room the Roosevelt Room to honor both presidents. It is now used as a conference room and features a multimedia center for presentations, according to the White House website.

If you go to the White House or Capitol, you’re likely to recognize a lot of Harden. The first lady’s office furniture and many executive desks in the Executive Office Building are Harden pieces. Harden also made 1,000 chairs for the Capitol Visitor Center, which opened in 2008, and the chairs in the caucus rooms in the House and Senate, Harden said.

Summer 2011

Click on the magazine below to read CNY Business Exchange's recent feature on Harden Furniture.



Spring 2011

McConnellsville, NY,  – Harden Furniture, North America’s oldest manufacturer of residential and commercial furnishings was recently featured  on the ABC Evening News series “Made in America Challenge”.  In response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address, ABC News and anchor Diane Sawyer launched an effort to promote American manufacturing by furnishing a home in Dallas, TX using only products made by 100% domestic suppliers. 

On February 23rd Skaneateles native and ABC News Weekend anchor David Muir visited Harden’s McConnellsville facility to film a program segment.  The series ran nightly on the ABC Evening News at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, February 28th, concluding on Friday, March 4th.

Founded in 1844, Harden Furniture is a fifth-generation family owned and operated furniture manufacturer, employing nearly 300 people at its facility in McConnellsville, New York.  All 10,000 acres of company-owned timber property in the Tug Hill region of New York State is enrolled in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative certification program earning them a reputation for responsible environmental stewardship and is the only manufacturer that produces furniture directly from the forest.



(left to right) – David Muir, ABC Weekend News Anchor; A.J. Reber, Harden Forester and third generation Harden employee; Greg Harden, Harden CEO; Andy Clark, Harden Director of Operations.